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Benefits of Copper Coated Electrode

  • CPRI Tested
  • 100 microns coating on iron electrode
  • Continues Electroplating over Electrode result copper conductivity at outer section
  • Variation in size availability
  • Cost Effective
  • Less space require at time of installation
  • High Conduction on outer Section
  • No Maintenance

Advantages of Copper Bonded Electrode

  • Upto 250 microns Copper Bonding on Electrode
  • Longer Life due to process of Bonding Over Electrode
  • Highly Conductive
  • Due to plating cost effective
  • Easy to Install procedure of bond copper earthing electrode

Applications of Copper Bonded Electrode

  • Lightning Protection Systems
  • Substation
  • Data Centre
  • CNC Machine
  • Telecom Industries
  • UPS. EPBAX, FAX etc
  • Railway Signaling
  • Dimensionally accurate
  • Robust design
  • Seamless finish


  • Petrochemical, CNG, and Nuclear Facilities
  • Data Centre, Telecom and Broadcasters
  • Process control and automation
  • Government, Military, and defence
  • Substation, Wind turbines

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