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Ese lightning arrester ATS ESE Rod (Based on log generator)

Our Range Of Chemical Earthing Products

Truepower Earthings Pvt. Ltd., India's largest earthing Manufacturing Company and Now growing electrical and power distribution products manufacturer presents its cutting-edge range of domestic products. These future-ready products have been engineered to enhance the overall consumer experience in every home. It designed to ensure impeccable performance and convenience without compromising on consumer safety, our products will cater to every domestic need from Earthing safety products (Chemical Earthing Electrode, Earthing strips, Thunder Arresters), Distribution and power transformers, Automatic voltage stabilizers,
Wire & Cables and solar structure.

GI Chemical

GI Chemical Electrode is the process of creating path for the flow of excessive current into the ground.

Copper Bonded

Copper Bonded Grounding Electrode is the most apt equipment for earthing purpose.

Pure Copper Earthing

TruePower is engaged in providing excellent quality range of Pure Copper Earthing Electrode.

Copper Bonded

Designed for fast fault current dissipation. Low Maintenance Cost. Easy and Fast installation.

Copper Terminal
Inner Strips

Copper Strips are most suitable for electrode condition with pH value between 5.0 and 8.0.

ESE Lightning

Lightning Arrester are metal rods which form 1st contact point for lightning strikes.

TP Chemical Earthing

TP Back Fill Compound

TP Chemical compound is added to the soil surrounding the earthing electrode for absorption. We are among the pioneers in the industry for manufacturing and supplying Back Fill Compound.

Installation Process

We specialize in installation and testing highly conductive, corrosion free chemical earthing system as well as
lightning protection system and pure copper earthing electrode.

Step1: Dig a hole with Auger

Step2: Hole measurement: 4” diameter & 3 mtr depth

Step3: Insert the TruePower Earthing Electrode/Rod

Step4: With rod inserted, fill the hole with Advanced Ground Enhancing Compound

Step5: Pour water around the rod

Step6: Place the TruePower Earthpit Cover

Step7: Cover the TruePower Earthpit Cover with soil and ram Properly